7 days in Heaven…in Montenegro 

7 days in Heaven…in Montenegro 

From Tivat in Montenegro , where sun shines every morning. We send you all lots of greetings. It’s middle of June , very warm weather morning , bit windy breeze at night!

We decided to share with you our trip photos. It is ideal for those who looking to spend time in sea , sun , mountains , Great food and wine.

I don’t like to write long in detailed blogs, because honestly , its hard to describe beauty with words. The hero of this article is the photos that we captured. Check these pictures with million words to describe;)

Feel free to share where are you planing to travel this summer ?

In case if you need any assistance or additional information about traveling to Montenegro,  drop us an email and we will help you with advice .


Remember , Life is better with sharing 🙂




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