French toast with egg recipe

French toast with egg recipe

A French toast with egg is a perfect dish with a cup of coffee to start your day with.

Here is the recipe below.
It is very easy to make, the only few ingredients you need ( per person) :
• 1 slice of whole wheat bread
• 1 egg
• Kale sprouts (or other sprouts)
• Olive oil (1/2 or 1 tea spoon)
• Nonstick frying pan

First thing you will do is to heat olive oil over medium low heat.
Take your piece of bread and you make a hole in the middle. Put it on the pan , get an egg and crack it right in the hole we already made in the bread. Let it cook until the white is done and yolk is still liquid. Season the egg with salt and pepper.
Turn over the toast to the other side and give it another half a minute to get the crispy fried taste of the seasoned bread and egg. Serve with kale sprouts.

Hope you try it and hope you like it






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