Enjoy a good Coffee for a Good morning.

Enjoy a good Coffee for a Good morning.

I was drinking this morning my cup of pure coffee and eating piece of cake, yes, it’s the one in the picture . Do you like it? 😊😍

Good morning, good day will always be after drinking my cup of coffee . It’s a perfect way to start my day with.

Some just treat coffee as a strong drink to make them awake, same methodology as drinking energy drink.  This makes me wonder , if they feel the spirit of the coffee or not?

Well, I am writing to you to share my opinion . It’s easy to know if coffee is good or not by 2 simple ways, smell and taste?  Yes, you are right!! Same as wine.

Last time in Italy, I always remember my italian friends saying that wine with no spirit is not a wine.

Make pause from all what’s going around and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Treat yourself well and choose aromatic tasty coffee. Remember you always deserve only the best.😊

Did you have a cup of coffee already?

I would love to hear how do you start your day with? 

Your opinion and feedback is very important to us!

Thanks for reading!