Homemade Raspberries Chocolate Protein Pudding

Homemade Raspberries Chocolate Protein Pudding



Are you ready to try a healthy Protein Pudding, easy and quick for an easy healthy snacks idea? 😛

This simple chocolate protein pudding is a gluten free, simple to make and is the perfect low carb snack or dessert!


  • 100 g Millet seeds
  • 95 g Iso Whey Zero vanilla flavor ( you can replace it with any sweetener)
  • 23 ml Coconut milk
  • 20g cocoa powder
  • 370 g Banana ( around 2 big bananas)
  • Handful red raspberries
  • 200ml water



  • Flush millet with hot water (to remove bitter taste).
  • Boil millet in 250ml water, until soft, let is Cool down.
  • Blend millet with protein powder, coconut milk, and banana.
  • Divide the mixture into 2 portions.  add cocoa powder to one of these portions (This will be later the chocolate layer).
  • Boil handful of raspberries until soft.
  • Serve in tall glasses. First, put a chocolate layer, then raspberries and the vanilla layer. Repeat until full.
  • Top with a cube of sugar-free chocolate.

Enjoy !!

As always easy healthy meals and healthy food recipes 🙂


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