Sourdough basic bread

Sourdough basic bread

This recipe mainly highlights the secret way to have fermented bread using sourdough. I tried this recipe around 5 times . Every time , the bread comes out more delicious than the one previous. There are some techniques to follow in order to reach to the desirable results. So be patient and believe in your power.


  • 400g white flour
  • 200g whole flour
  • 420g warm water (water is 80% weight of flour)
  • 2tbs salt
  • 2tbs black sesame seeds
  • 3tbs sourdough (to do your own sourdough, refer to Wheat flour-Rye flour bread with olive oil & with natural sourdough post)
  • Raw Pepitas ( no shell pumpkin seeds)


  1. Mix all the flour well in the bowl , i use my hand to make sure all are mixed well.
  2. Before adding  your sourdough , make small test in order to know if it is ready or not.
  3. Add 3tbs sourdough to the 420g warm water and stir the mixture well .
  4. Add the mixture ( water with sourdough) to the flour.  Don’t add all the water one time, just add gradually so that cake wont be so wet.
  5. Use your magic hands to well mix all together for 10 minutes. Its time now to add your salt and black sesame seeds. Mix well again for 5 minutes.
  6. After that it is time to let the cake rest in warm place for about 90 minutes.
  7. You will notice after resting the cake , that grew . Now it is time to follow some unique techniques.
  8. Technique number one is folding the cake . Use your hand to fold the edge of the cake to the center of the cake 3 times . Each time is 5 minutes folding and 10 minutes rest.
  9. You should noticed after the 2nd time that the cake starts to be full of air and that is a very good sign.
  10. Once you finish the 3 times folding technique, place the cake in a pan with cover on the top ( this is the one you will use for baking).
  11.  You can decorate your cake  and add some sesame seeds and some raw Pepitas.
  12. Now it is time for another technique, it is called the resting stage . You will need to place the pan with cake inside to the fridge for 12 hours . Don’t forget to cover the pan before placing it in the fridge , otherwise , the cake will get dry.
  13.   After 12 hours, it is time to bake this bad boy. Prepare you oven and preheat it 200c (392f) . Place the pan covered to the oven and lt it bake the bread for 30-40 mins. After that remove the cover from the pan and let the bread bake again for 25 mins to get a brownish crispy from the top.
  14. Remember not to cut the bread when it is hot , just leave it to cool down first.
  15. I love eating this bread with piece of butter , mmm cripsy and so delicious from inside.



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