Wheat flour-Rye flour bread with olive oil & with natural sourdough

Wheat flour-Rye flour bread with olive oil & with natural sourdough

After soo many trying and failing I am here to present you my eatable , delicious piece of art bread recipe .

I have to say that , i never thought it will come the day when i bake a BREAD !!. Yes, Bread , one of the biggest challenge i had.

It was not a piece of cake . I tried more than 7 times and guess what , all were not eatable .

It took me long time to bake an eatable bread, until i did it !! Hurraa finally !!
I am sharing my experience with you to encourage you and show you that practice makes better always!

Lets start!
Remember , this is not normal baking bread.It is baking fermented bread.

The main key factor for the fermentation process is to have your own natural sourdough starter.

How to do it ?

1) 40g of rye flour
2) 40g water
3) Big jar

Stir the rye flour with the water Stir until all the dry bits of flour are gone. Feed this mixture (by adding same amount of flour and water) from 23-4 times a day for the next 4 days .
After that, you can feed it 1-2 times a day. It can stay with you as long as you feed it.

Remember , to make sure that your starter is active and ready to use, you will see bubbles in the jar. This is a good sign that bacteria is active.
Ingredients for the bread:

1) 300g of rye flour
2) 300g of wheat flour
3) 450 g of water (if you feel the cake still dry , you can add another few grams of water)
4) 3 big spoons of sourdough starter
5) 4 table spoons salt
6) 4 table spoons of black ,white sesame seeds.
7) 4 table spoons of dry onion or dry tomatoo ( optional)
8) 3 table spoons of olive oil
Lets start by adding all the flour in big bowl with salt and give it a good mix. Add water slowly until you feel the cake is well.

Add the 4 spoons of sourdough starter and . After that , leave the cake to rest in warm place for about 3 hours.

Use the folding technique by gently stretching and folding the cake from one side to another , keep repeating for 10 mins and then leave it to rest for 15 mins.

Spread the black, white sesame seeds with dry onion on the cake . Fold the cake many times on these ingredients , till they are spread all over the cake.

Bring another boul and add 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Place your cake in the boul and leave it to rest in the frige for 6 hours.
Prepare a Stainless steel pot with cover ( heat resistance). Place the cake inside the pot and use sharp knief to make slip pattern on the top of the bread. This will help your bread to rise.

Preheat the owen upto 190°c (375°f) and then place the bread in the pot for 30 mins.

When the bread rise , it is time to give the surface crunchy brown colour. Remove the cover of the pot and let the bread bake for 30 mins more.
I hope i would inspire you.




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    • Many thanks 😊😊 it is very simple , you just need to feed them regulary . I also was not sure in the beginning, but it is worth to have your own homemade sourdough😉


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